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Bill "Pooner" Poon is a cast member of DVDASA and personal driver to Asa Akira on her day to day errands, his chief profession being a transporter of prostitutes, getting them from A to B.

He is a portly little Chinese man in his early 50's with many perverted fetishes, such as hands-free masturbation in tight women's underwear and twerking until completion.

He has recently become personal cook to David Choe's parents.

The Poon ReportEdit

Bill Poon maintains The Poon Report, a behind-the-scenes blog connected to DVDASA, where he reviews food and fashion as well as regaling his judgements and passive aggressive snark about other people.

It is a refuge, rife in mispelling and poor grammar, where he may giddily revel in things he thinks about people but would never dare to say directly to them.

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