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Bobby "Trivia" Namba, aka "King Prince Barstow Bobby Brownstar Namba, B-Rad, Bobby Radical, Blobby Nambla, Okinamba, Bono, Bietnam, Bobby Namcha, True Star", is a cast member of DVDASA and personal accountant to David Choe, managing his day to day finance.


Bobby's chief contribution to DVDASA comes in the form of the ending segment he hosts, "Trivia with Bobby" announced by Bobby yelling "Out of the sidelines and into the limelight, it's that time of the night again, it's trivia with Bobby", the rest of the cast usually joining in unison on Bobby's name.

Trivia consists of obscure pop culture references, actor's names, and songs which need to be guessed by listening to Bobby sing horrifically out of key. Even if an answer is objectively correct, the true answer is whatever Bobby says it is.

A more recent sub-segment within Trivia is known as "Have you been listening?" and consists of questions about the events of the current episode to test the hosts and guests as the whether they were paying attention to eachother's stories.

Points are awarded to whomever yells the correct answer first, which is a possibilty even before the question is asked.

The person with the lowest score at the end of the segment is punished, usually by being forced to smell Bobby's ear lobe smegma.