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Valentin "Yacuzzi Boy" aka The Validator is a cast member of DVDASA podcast and custodial officer of Dave's warehouse, a job he inherited from former cast member, Yoshi Obayashi, when the latter quit.

His nickname "Yacuzzi Boy" derives from a story he told on DVDASA whereby he engaged in double penetration on a female with another man in a hot tub, and a play on how he pronounces "jacuzzi".

He is known as "The Validator" because, though he only speaks very rarely, everything he says carries the gravitas of finality to any matter. His validation to your side of an arguement is considered a victory to you and an end to all further discussion.

CPK BackhandEdit

Valentin is an equal opportunist when meting out justice, a famous example includes a date he had with a woman at California Pizza Kitchen whereby aforementioned date would incessantly reject every order she made and loudly complain that the food was not to her satisfaction.

After multiple returned orders, Valentin became angry and left. Outside the establishment he got into a heated arguement with the woman, with her physcially provoking him until she was silenced with a move now known as "The CPK Backhand"